I feel as though this year is going to be a great one. I’m very busy all the time again, started back at tafe into my second year diploma of fine arts and couldn’t be happier. My mind is exploding with creative thoughts and concepts. I am really looking forward to the drawing, painting and printmaking projects. My first printmaking project is a relief cut.. (lino). Our teachers’ said to make it as personal and original as you can. I’ve decided to somewhat collaborate my name into it. The origin of my name ‘Skye’, is a place in Scotland called the Isle of Skye. I’ve found some images of Dunvegan castle, located in the Isle of Skye and carved the castle into the lino. I’m pretty happy with the results. As well as relating to my name, my pop Archibald McCall died late last year.. and he was Scottish. So I will be sending my Grandma and other relatives black and white prints of it. On the back of the prints will be written “In loving memory of Archibald McCall”. I think everyone will appreciate it. He was a fantastic man. I feel as though I am progressing in painting as well, I want to learn as many new techniques as I can this year. I want to speak to a lot of different artists and I want to visit a lot of exhibitions. I am job searching at the moment, just want a bit of extra cash incase I need it for materials etc. Wouldn’t mind working in a coffee shop, I guess I just love coffee a little too much! I’ve also come to the conclusion recently that certain people I know aren’t what I’m looking for in a friendship, my eyes are now open to who my true friends are. Really up for meeting some new people and making new friends. I’m all about honesty, so if your a keeper… let’s talk :)I’m getting used to the early mornings again, I feel like I’m not really wasting half my life sleeping anymore haha.

Anyway, I better go get ready. Got printmaking. Talk later.